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Zero Toxics Product Registry

Add Your Toxic-Free Products to the Registry

In a recent survey of my readers, 73% of respondents said that one of their most common challenges or frustrations they experience when trying to purchase toxic-free products is “I can’t find out information on ALL ingredients in products.” These are individuals with money to buy products they need and want, but they are not making purchases because they cannot find out what materials are used to make products. Without this information, they don’t trust that the product is toxic-free.

If you are making toxic-free products, the disclosure of materials is the #1 thing the customer for your product wants. Disclosure of materials used to make products builds trust with your customer, and trust means repeat sales and word-o-f-mouth.

My Zero Toxics Product Registry is open to all businesses who make toxic-free products and who are willing to disclose all materials used. I provide a standardized format for presenting each product disclosure and post the disclosure statements on my Zero Toxics website.

You can submit your prepared lists of materials that you compile yourself, or I can help you through the process of compiling materials,

I’ve found one of the biggest problems for manufacturers is they don’t know what materials are used to make their products. Is that you? I can help you through the process of finding out, organizing your data, and presenting it to interested consumers.

When you qualify for the Zero Toxics Product Registry, your products will be posted on the Registry for my visitors to find, and you also can use the Materials Disclosure Statements in your own promotion and on your own website. You may also use the Zero Toxics logo.

I would love to help you get your materials disclosure in order and in front of customers who are looking for this information,