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What is “body burden” – and why is it important to you?


Persistant Bioaccumulative Toxicants Persist In Your Body Too

steven-gilbertA couple of weeks ago I interviewed toxicologist Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT on Toxic Free Talk Radio. He requested that we talk about bioaccumulative toxicants (PBTs), a subject I hadn’t researched much. Not that PBTs are not important, but my work has been focused on the human health effects of toxic chemicals, and PBTs are generally discussed as an environmental issue. But as I listened to Dr Gilbert talk about PBTs, I realized something:

If a chemical persists in the environment, it also persists in our bodies.


This symbol is from, a simple database that indicates chemical hazards using clear symbols and colors.

PBTs are a whole class of toxic chemicals that have similar characteristics that contribute to being toxic to both humans and other species of plants and animals.

  1. They persist in the environment. Many pesticides and all the heavy metals do not break down in the environment, or do so very slowly. When persistant chemicals are continuously released into the environment (or your body), they build up to higher and higher levels.
  2. They are toxic to many species.
  3. They bioaccumulate or concentrate in species as they move up the food chain. Because they accumulate in the fat of animals, animals that consume other animals are also consuming these accumulated toxicants.
  4. Because of their persistence in the environment and accumulation in various species PBTs move around the world and into places far from the original exposure.

Because PBTs concentrate and spread throughout the environment, lists have been created to help prioritize efforts to reduce their use. Collectively, these lists contain many pesticides, but also heavy metals, including cadmium, lead, and mercury. Now remember these are persistant chemicals. They don’t break down in natural systems like ecosystems or bodies. Heavy metals are accumulating in your body every time you are exposed to them unPureBodyx2less you do something to remove them.

The easiest thing to do to remove heavy metals from your body is to take PureBody Liquid Zeolite. This natural mineral is uniquely suited to remove heavy metals. Tiny bits of negatively-charged zeolite act like little magnets to attract positively-charged particles—which include 99.9% of heavy metals, radiation, and organic chemicals–so they can be removed from your body via your kidneys. It’s simple, effective, and affordable. Read more about heavy metals and their health effects at Toxic Free Body: Is a Load of Heavy Metals Making You Sick?


CDC Says Toxic Chemicals Are In Our Bodies

A few weeks ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, Updated Tables, September 2012. This report provides data newly available since the release of the Fourth Report in 2009, including 34 new chemicals and updated tables for the 119 chemicals reported on in 2009.

The interesting thing about this report is that it includes, in addition to the current data, data from 2005-2006, 2007-2008, and 2009-2010 survey periods, so we can compare these time periods and see if the situation is getting better or worse. Actually, it’s both. Exposure to some chemicals is less, and others are greater.

For more than thirty years, scientists at CDC’s Environmental Health Laboratory have been studying our human exposures to environmental chemicals–which chemicals we have been exposed to and how much of those chemicals actually gets into our bodies.

A quick browse through the tables easily shows that toxic chemicals are present in our bodies. Your body probably contains more or less than these numbers. What these studies show is that toxic chemicals ARE present in our bodies. And thousands of studies show these chemicals are harmful to our health.

This is why we are providing this blog and the product on this website. Because in today’s world, we all ARE exposed to toxic chemicals and they ARE getting in our bodies. If you want proof, just look at these tables.

But you can do something to help your body process and remove toxic chemicals and repair itself from the damage caused by toxic chemical exposure.

Take a look at our Body Burden page for an excerpt from my book Toxic Free about chemicals in our bodies, and our Toxic Free Nutrition home page for our recommendations.


Vampires Beware! There Are Toxic Chemicals in Human Blood!



OK OK. It’s Halloween so I have to get into the spirit!

It always happens that when I am searching for one thing, in addition I find another.

This week I found an article from 2006 in the National Geographic about “Toxic People” which is all about “The Pollution Within.”

“The ubiquity of chemicals is taking a toll,” National Geographic says, and then the reporter goes on to tell the story of getting his own body tested for chemicals. Read the long and interesting article at National Geographic: Toxic People.

In 2006, the tests cost $15,000 and few laboratories offered them. Today they cost much less and are more available.

If you want to get your own blood tested, a good source is Wendy Myers. She’s a highly trained holistic health consultant who specializes in detox. in reading test results and now has her own test you can take. You can order the lab test and get her interpretation for about $800. [I was telling a doctor about this yesterday and he exclaimed it was a great price.]

Wendy Myers’ GPL-TOX Test for Toxic Chemicals in Your Body

GPL-TOX can help you to test for these common toxins:

  1. Environmental pollutants like phthalates are everywhere: cosmetics, detergents, lotions, medications and so much more! Not to mention that they lead to reproductive damage, depressed immune function, cancer and more.
  2. Xylenes are commonly found in paints, cleaning fluids, and even perfumes. Increased everyday exposure could lead to nausea, dizziness, and central nervous system depression.
  3. Styrene in plastics are literally surrounding our foods daily! They seep into our food and cause problems like muscle weakness and concentration problems.

Once you discover what you need to detox, Wendy can designate a customized Mineral Power detox protocol to get rid of these toxins plaguing your health.

And it you’re still not sure you need to detox, read Wendy’s copious list of the toxic chemicals that are found, when blood is tested for toxics.

toxic chemical in your body

Wendy and I discussed this topic on Toxic Free Talk Radio a few weeks ago. Listen to our interview at




Toxic People link | pdf