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Disclosure is commonly defined as the act of revealing or something that is revealed.

To reveal is to make known, particularly something that has been hidden or keep secret.

Disclosure is the correct word with regards to consumer products because in the past there has been much kept secret about the ingredients and processes of consumer products.

Full disclosure would be to disclose everything and not leave anything hidden.

Full disclosure is also defined as providing evidence of proven factual information gathered and presented to an individual or group.

I would add from my experience that full disclosure would include the following:

  • presenting the information in such a way that it can be easily understood by those who would typically need the information. A full disclosure written in Chinese, for example, would be of no use to a consumer who speaks on ly English. Likewise a disclosure of product ingredients using terminology not widely understood without any further explanation would not be full disclosure.
  • giving ALL the information and supporting substantiation, such as presentation of certification certificates for materials labeled “organic”
  • giving SPECIFIC information about the material rather than a generalized term. “Plastic” for example, should specify the type of plastic, such as polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene, as plastics have various degrees of toxicity.