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another word for point of view.

A point of view is

  • a particular attitude or way of considering a matter
  • the position from which something or someone is observed
  • a way of thinking about a particular subject

Viewpoints have their own set of assumptions and we each have many viewpoints, individually and collectively.

As an example, as a citizen of the United States, I hold the viewpoint that I have the right to vote and so does every other citizen. Other people in other countries don’t have that viewpoint.

Viewpoints create a framework from which we look at the world, make decisions, and take action.

We may be aware of our viewpoints or we may hold viewpoints instilled in us by our families, education, religion, communities, cultures, advertising, and other sources.

In my opinion it’s a good thing for each of us to take a look at our viewpoints and see what viewpoints we are operating with, to see if we agree with them.

Right now in the world we are all living under a predominant industrial viewpoint, which allows toxic chemicals to be used to make products and allows toxic waste to be disposed of in the environment.

A toxic-free viewpoint says that we have the inherent right to not be poisoned as we go about daily life and we should not be polluting the planet that sustains our lives. A toxic-free viewpoint imagines and creates toxic-free products, toxic-free homes, toxic-free communities, toxic-free businesses, toxic-free healthcare, and a toxic-free world.