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[This is a post on my new Truth in Marketing blog. Page formatting to come.]

Because of my work, I spend more time than most people evaluating products for toxic effects, to choose those that are free from toxic materials for myself and others.

The biggest challenge is simply finding out what materials the product is made from.

I wanted to just be able to go to a website and find out the materials in a consistent format so I could see at-a-glance if the materials used met my own personal standards for toxic-free,

Finally, I came up with my own format for a Materials Disclosure Statement. And I started Zero Toxics Product Registry as a place where manufacturers who were willing to use my format and standards to disclose their materials could post their Materials Disclosure Statements.

Here’s a sample of a Zero Toxics Materials Disclosure Statement:

It’s a multi-page pdf document. After a registration page that lists the exact products to which this Statement applies, there is a statement about the philosophy or commitment of the manufacturer to eliminating toxics in their products, followed by a list of materials and any details about those materials.

Here is one material from the Materials Disclosure Statement for the Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress, which was the first Materials Disclosure Statement that I wrote:

Note there are links to Zero Toxics Knowledge Base files for materials that might be unfamiliar to consumers.

Visit Zero Toxics Product Registry to see how this format applies well to a variety of different products in various product categories.

The point here is, it’s not difficult to prepare such a document, which would be of immense value to customers. Disclosing materials and giving details about them in an easy-to-read format establishes trust and increases sales.

I would love to see Zero Toxics Material Disclosure Statements everywhere. Consumers need only click on the Zero Toxics icon to get the information on materials they need and want.