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Truth in Marketing

Guidelines for Good Marketing

Here is a summary of “good marketing” practices that I’ve observed, which make it easy for me to find the information I need and want:

  1. Materials are fully known by the manufacturer.
  2. Materials are disclosed using language and format that consumers can understand.
  3. Materials are disclosed with specific names, such as “polyethylene” instead of “plastic.”
  4. Details are given for materials that show their special uniqueness and characteristics.
  5. Manufacturer websites have a “Materials” link on the main navigation, which leads to a page dedicated to disclosure of materials used to make a product line.
  6. Pages that sell individual products have a list of materials that is easy to find.
  7. Materials lists for each product are complete.
  8. Certifications are substantiated with actual certificates and other claims are likewise supported.
  9. Customer service has information on all materials on hand and can give this information to potential customers when they call or email.

Here is a pdf of the above list in a format for product manufacturers and retailers. Feel free to send this to any business that you would like to. Together we can show there is a demand for disclosure and encourage manufacturers to disclose.

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