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Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

The GLOBAL ORGANIC LATEX STANDARD (GOLS) is the first global standard for raw latex, latex foam, and products made with latex foam. It was pioneered and is administered by the certifying organization Control Union.



The aim of the standard is to recognize products made out of certified organic raw rubber latex. In addition to natural rubber latex, these products also may contain approved textile materials as well as other approved materials and accessories. In order to label the final product as organic, it is paramount that all the raw materials in the product, comply with the requirements of organic origin. To this end, GOLS uses the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the eco-institute-Label standard for materials other than latex that are used to turn raw organic latex into a useful consumer product.

The GOLS certification process starts with the unprocessed raw rubber latex originating from USDA (or EU) certified organic plantations. Each processing step —centrifugation, molding into latex core, and processing into a product—is certified separately, as well as the final product itself. This ensures the implementation of standards throughout the supply chain.

To achieve GOLS certification, a product must contain more than 95% of certified organic natural rubber latex. The product shall not contain synthetic latex and/or non-organic natural rubber latex.

GOLS permits the following as approved additional materials/accessories in addition to latex for the making of products:

  1. Steel as a supportmaterial
  2. Polyethylene as a support material
  3. Polylactic fibers (PLA) and/or other natural or synthetic fibers as a flammability protection material
  4. Synthetic and man made fiber as a lining for supported gloves
  5. Linings, interlinings, flanging, netting
  6. Natural graphite as fire retardant
  7. GOTS or OCS100 certified fabric as covering material
  8. Steel encasings

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