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Castile Soap

CASTILE SOAP is a fine, hard white or mottled soap made with olive oil and sodium hydroxide. It is named after the olive oil-based soaps originating in Castile, Spain.

Castile soap is made exclusively with vegetable oils. There will be no lard, tallow, or other animal fats in a Castile soap. Traditionally, a Castile soap was made with 100% olive oil, but modern Castile-style soaps, including Dr. Bronner’s, blend in other vegetable oils, like coconut.

Castile soap is widely considered to be safe and nontoxic, and has many uses for body and home.

Castile soaps are made with organic oils and non-organic oils. If the castile soap is made with organic soap, it would indicate that on the label.

Castile soap is often found as a base for soap products, in which case you can assume it’s a vegetable-based soap product,

THE HEALTHY HOME ECONOMIST: What is Castile Soap and is it Really s Green Choice?
A very informative article on the history of Castile soap, various types currently being sold, and ingredients to watch out for and avoid.

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