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Durawood Wood Plastic Composite has the look, smell and feel like wood with the durability of plastic.

Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) is a new material made of recycled plastic (HDPE) and natural fiber (bamboo/wood powder). It is a strong, moisture-resistance composite, engineered to endure harsh weathers abuse of all sorts including rainstorms, rots, salt, sand and heavy traffic.

The most widespread use of Durawood is in outdoor deck floors, but it is also used for railings, fences, landscaping timbers, cladding and siding, park benches, molding and trim, window and door frames, and indoor furniture. Type “durawood [product]” into your favorite search engine and you’ll get lots of results if the product is available made of Durawood.

In addition to being nontoxic, it also has many practical advantages:

  • Resistance to rot, warps, and crack
  • Stable over a wide temperature range
  • Moisture/water resistance
  • Weather resistant, suitable from -40°C to 60°C
  • High impact resistant
  • Modulus of elasticity 20% greater than PVC, does not require reinforcement (in most applications)
  • Easily produced and easily fabricated
  • Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives
  • Low flames spread
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Outstanding screw and nail retention
  • Compressive-tensile-shear strength

Be sure to check finishes. While Durawood itself is bamboo and polyethylene, I’ve seen vinyl finishes on flooring…