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I'm just starting to fill in the content on this site. There will be much more on this subject to come.

POWDER COAT is to cover an object with a dry polyester, urethane or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse the particles of powder into a protective layer,

Once the polyester or epoxy is heated and fused, the resulting coating is not toxic and does not offgas.

I love powder coating. It’s one of my favorite toxic-free finishes.

Powder Coating Institute


In this Knowledge Base, i'm gathering together bits and pieces of information about materials used to make products, and bringing some order to them so we can all better understand what's in our products. So many pages will be incomplete as I go through this process. When I feel I've put together a fairly complete picture of the material, I'll take down this notice from this page.

ZERO TOXICS is rooted in my forty years of research and experience living toxic-free. I'm gathering and organizing the data I have to make this knowledge available to everyone. Feel free to ask questions, share data, and join in the discussion in the comments section below.
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