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Product Certifications

There are basically two types of certification programs for toxic-free products:

  • Programs that certify that certain toxic substances are not present in a product to an established standard
  • Programs that certify that a product has followed a certain protocol to be grown and/or processed in a manner that does not use toxic chemicals

These are two different things,

A product that carries a “tested-for-toxics” certification is likely to be free of those tested chemicals down to the standard to which they have been tested, however, they may contain other toxics that have not be included in the testing.

A product with an organic certification is rethinking products literally from the ground up. These businessses are laying the groundwork for the future, when all products will be made with organic principles.

Here are the main certifying organizations for toxic-free products, organized by their type of certification.

There are many more. This is just a start.


When you see these logos, it means that the product is made from materials that are organically-grown or that the process used to make the finished product meets an organic standard.


When you see these logos, it means that the product has been tested or otherwise reviewed to not contain a list of toxic chemicals or emit a list of toxic chemicals above a specific standard.